Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ever since my days at Chowgule College have started, I have rarely blogged. There was lot stuff pending to be updated right from my day 2 at Karanzol camp to our latest (2 weeks back!) visit to Payatalee with Parag Rangnekar. Well, you can read the Payatalee thing on Rohan’s blog. He has written in detail, practically! Well, some more ideas I held up in my mind for blogging but kept postponing it further. The deadline has stretched and the backlog is still counting.
Well, you can blame Chowgule time-table for that matter for keeping us a tedious schedule from 8 to 5. Except Physics practical and the schedule, everything is good here. The campus environment is like that of some foreign university. It’s great to be a Chowgule TIGER, but sometimes I miss being an ENGICO!
Well no regrets!
OK, let me reveal my reason of this lazy blogging! I have joined Computer Science and that would be my major at third year. Most of the software people are lazy in their free time and don’t feel like doing anything which makes sense either to them or others. I can’t be an exception to such an attribute of Geekism. Other reason might be that I haven’t still adjusted to college life, that to in Chowgule College, which is miles different than what it as for us at GVM’s.
So reader, henceforth, along with my trek blogs, I would keep you updated with the news on the campus and some geek funda!
Sorry for not making it up, and hahh! The Karanzol Camp blog series is discontinued.
Note:-As I had mentioned earlier in my “Green Blogging” post, one of the laziest lad in our group, Rohan, has started a blog. Well, he is no more laziest now, I am leading the wagon!-)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The stroll through the fields!

The evening was fresh and the zephyr was silently making its way through the huge trees nearby the camp sites. Everybody was set out for a evening stroll through the fields of Karanzol nearby from the camp site. We had just finished with Pankaj Lad’s lecture on the bio-diversity of Mhadei. I was still in the hangover of the lecture delivered by Rajendra Kerkar (Bhai) on the cultural aspects and ancient traditions that our ancestors followed towards conservation of the environment. Bhai, while delivering the lectures on Goan culture, travels from Pernem to Canacona and adds references from the surrounding villages of Maharashtra and Karnataka which have a similar culture.
The three groups namely Sahyadri, Srishti and Devrai guided by the volunteers of VEAB, set out for the trail. Our group, Sahyadri, leaded by Arnold and Sangam of VEAB, parted from the rest two groups to go in another direction. The trail began with identifying the trees, which I was not much interested initially. As Arnold and Sangam started adding importance of each sighted tree, I became keen to know more.We stopped to see a pair of Ashy Wood Swallow sitting on the electric wire above the fields. Soon the Bee-eaters appeared from behind performing beautiful aerobics. I have always enjoyed watching Bee-eaters, especially their beak which looks sharp and gives him a powerful appearance. There was so much to photograph but I was carrying a small Nikon Coolpix borrowed from uncle since Rohan had taken the nature club’s camera to Pune. I cursed Rohan for taking the camera.
Leaving the tar road behind, we entered the fields. Far from the world of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, farmers here had put lumps of cow dung in the field at regular intervals. This is an ancient method for fertilizing the soil. During the rains, these lumps of cow dung get mixed with the soil thereby making it fertile and ready for farming. Sun was slowly setting down turning the blue skies to orange. We stopped near a huge “Devil’s tree” or “Devcharanchey Zaad” or “Saatveen”. Orchid flowers hung from the which had just bloomed to life.
We decided to return back to camp site as the evening was already turning dark. Before calling it a day, every group had to present a report of the trail which was followed by a dinner and than a long sleep till 5 a.m. in the next morning. Was it really a long one?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Karanzol...i was there back again!

“Where is exactly the camp site at Karanzol?” I ask one of the VEAB members while I find a place to stand in a bus already flooded with people and us with our bags. Karanzol is not new to me. I have been here before once, when I had gone to Pishtyachi Kond. Karanzol is located in Sattari at the foothills of Sahyadri Mountain ranges and on the fringes of Mhadei wildlife sanctuary.
I was here for a 3 day pre-monsoon nature orientation camp organized by Vivekananda Environmental Awareness Brigade, a NGO working for past 6 years in the field of environmental conservation. This group is leaded by Mr. Rajendra Kerkar, a leading environmental activist from Goa. The following posts will be describing my experiences of these three days.