Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Already late, I started to pedal at 7:15 a.m. towards Payatalee with camera and a botlle full of water. I caught up the highway track and entered the flat rode mode. But however, today I felt exhausted as compared to previous cycle rides on this tracks. I stopped for a while, drank some water and marched forward again. But still the feeling of exhaustion was not completely vanished from the body. I got down from the cycle and started to climb the road by walking. After reaching on slope I sat back and pedaled off.

As I stood by this climb 2-3 villagers passed some curious looks at me and my bike. I made my mind to climb up by cycle first. but than I realized it was not possible this climb and that too with help of already exhausted body. But Ohh! It was not even possible to climb it by walking…but I started walking against my body will. Finding some flat land, I parked my bike and laid on the ground for a while to give myself some rest so that I could climb some more.

And than, I reached the heaven…..The Lake stood as silent as it was before, guarding the surrounding environment. But camera gave me jerk as it was showing the display message “CHANGE THE BATTERIES”. Still I could get some of this pics, but I missed two near shots of Golden Oriole and Malabar Whistling Thrush. I resisted going inside the forest near the small spring as the camera was out of power.

I started off my back journey from Khandepar to Ponda with a sigh of freshness.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

this is pied saish

19th Dec.2007!

Today too, I went cycling early morning! Not alone but with Saish. We rode to the same spot of yesterday, “The Piedy Kingfi Spot” as we call it for the lovely pied kingfishers living there. Today we had camera, so could do some photography. As we stopped, there were no pied Kingfishers sitting on the wire. They showed up bit late today as compared to yesterday. Checkered Keel back was also spotted swimming across the stream.
Meanwhile, we could find some spare time and road to perform small scale bike stunts on our octane. I am very bad at it.
We did less cycling today but more of bird watching but however it was refreshing. We moved back after spending some two hors there and pedaled to college canteen for refreshment.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cycling again!

After a long break, I have now kicked….sorry peddled off with my new bicycle Hero Octane DTB 1.
I think it’s a great and paisa vasool bike (Rs. 5500/-). But it surely can’t beat a Trek bike…you can easily feel the difference between Desi & Pardesi…….
I started off from my home and started pedaling towards our college. Since I was riding after a long break, I had to wait 2-3 times to give myself some rest on the climb way to Farmagudi. But I think, 2-3 times is good, looking forward for continuous pedaling!
After reaching to college campus, I sat down on the steps in the college for some more rest watching vehicles pass by. To my surprise, I met Shaikh sir in college at 6:50 a.m. He parked his scooter besides my octane. gave his usual smile, and started walking towards Farmagudi.
I got up and pedaled forward, took a left turn and joined the Dhavali by-pass. Here I had nothing to do except sitting on bike because it was a slope. I waited untill I reached just near the road to Kavalem temple for some bird watching. The pair of Pied Kingfisher which I was eagerly waiting to watch, finally I met them sitting on a wire. To my surprise, I even saw a pair of wood pecker with other usual birds like Cormorants, Egrets, Kingfisher, Lapwing etc.etc.
I marched forward with a sigh of freshness & entered the noisy town back……
Note: I couldn’t upload any pics of this episode as I had no camera with me. But next time sure…..
sorry for t he inconvenience!