Monday, February 18, 2008

Green Blogging.....

i have been regularly writing about my treks and other stuff. The blogging attitude is spreading and my group mates are also taking up blogging. Here are some who have started and some lazy lads are yet to start.
Saish.....the passion for wildlife
Aniket.......this guy from a lovely place called Sacorda! He is the one who showed us the Hornbill Country...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fuel Prices rising high…

Just 2 days back, India has witnessed rise in prices of Petrol and Diesel. As usual, opposition party blamed the ruling one and Communist people have warned to go on strike. I don’t understand why to make all this drama? Rise in fuel prices will be a routine problem hence forth because the fuel sources in world are depleting day by day. Whether it’s a UPA govt. or BJP govt, they can’t control the rising prices. I have a question, do all these ministers and members of Parliament leave their luxury cars which run on petrol or diesel provided to them by government and commute walking on road because the petrol prices are soaring? or for the sake of "COMMON MAN"... Never!
I think it’s high time to take up cycling seriously and save fuel which we waste by traveling even small distances in four or two wheelers. We need more people like Rohan Kinni in each and every metro of India. Really, it’s a high time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Memories of my college….

The formal farewell function is over and we are sent off from the college. But how can I forget the cherished moments spent with friends, teachers? These memories will be like a priceless treasure to carry in our future life…

I achieved here these people. My 7 friends.... We were the most rocking gang of 12th Science.

With Ajay dir, it’ll take pages to write what difference Ajay sir has made into our lives

Library teacher, Library was the place for our endless discussions and planning the next move. From personal life to Global warming, everything was discussed and shared here. Library teacher was the one who was almost fed up of us... she said that she will remember our OCTATE forever….
Hats Off to the times we spent!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kaustubh…a poet misunderstood at the gun point!!!!!

It has been seen, observed, understood and inferred that some people are trying to target me and my group members for unknown reasons and intentions. This is my message to them.
You can go to any highest legal authority present in this world for saving you from being “defamed”. I, in my self written poems had/have no intentions of defaming anybody at any cost. But if some people think that my poems are a way to take out their personal jealousies and revenge on me, than they can go ahead with every possible legal proceedings. I am ready.

You can say what you have to say
My mind is made up anyway
All that bullshit that you talk which worked
Is not gonna work today
I have taken a high road goin above you

I have not done any mistakes. My poems are my expressions about this environment and people surrounding me. It is still not defined why a poet writes a poem and why he writes specific lines in it. There is no point in debating why I have written poems.
I am not a weak hearted person and I have got firm support from my family, friends and my teachers which I consider as a prized possession than money.
Go ahead, I am ready!
Expressing your personal jealousy and rage by this way is not going to work for a long period. If you have any problem with my relations with other teachers, dare to speak about it directly. Don’t use such cheap and backdoor ways to pretend that you are a warrior.

You can fool some people for all time
All people for some time
But not all people all time.