Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I have been upto these days?

"It's not that I am too busy. It's just that I don't want to take any responsibility". This was my FB status some days back. As you people already know(or else read About Me) that I am into too many things at same time which sometimes makes your living horrible, I thought of minimizing my domains. But somehow I am falling lose these days.....
Anyways here is a sneak peak of what I am upto currently
Two Assignments submitted already of Maths..one yet to be given. For my DBMS project I am building a back-end database for an organization (MITRA in particular) and for Operating Systems some programs are given to be written in Shell Script I guess...haven't got the copy yet. For EDP ie Entrepreneurship Development Program, a case study of Sergey Bin and Larry Page, the founders of Google. And so are two physics....but I am least excited about them as of now!

2)Extra-curricular activities at College
I try to keep this as minimum as possible now. First of all, got permission to start a Computer Science Students club for which I was trying since last year. The activities will begin soon after reopening. I've named it as ADOCSS(Association of Dept. Of Computer Science Students)....may be changed later after deliberations.
Initiating a college community blog TigerPunditz for blogging about college issues. It's still in infancy stage and me alongwith Sir Andrew are working out on it.
In process of getting a film club started here on campus.

3)MITRA activities
It was decided during the last meeting of MITRA to organize a monthly activity about anything related to environment. In August, we screened a documentary "The Silk Spinners" but did not catch up the response I was expecting. Hoping good about the activity of the coming month..haven't decided about it though.
BTW, finally after a long lasted deliberation, we finally agreed upon to buy Cannon Powershot S10 IS for MITRA which will be coming next week. Totally excited about re-starting the photography.

Other than this, since Ganesh Chaturthi is fast approaching, busy with trying to make my room as neat as possible in whatever way I can! Also employed by Mom and Aunties Pvt. Limited for "Clean House Project" for no wages. So in festive mood

Random things
tweeting heavily..i mean as compared to before
finally wrote some poems after a long time...published on SPANDAN
yet to collect the rucksack given for stitching
drive once in week on highways
being insomniac....thats bad when you have got pracs at 8:30 in morning the next day
changed profile pic...many girls appreciated it(OooooOhh)! My answer was simple "I was bored of holding that cap for so long"

Old Pic

New Pic

What else?
See you next time than.....

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